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Environmentally Friendly Projects

Green and Environmentally Friendly Products

Being “green” and saving money are not mutually exclusive. WVU sources many environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products. Foam soap which provides more pumps per bag than liquid soap results in considerable cost savings. Microfiber mops and cleaning cloths can be washed up to 500 times reducing the need to replace these items as frequently. Low VOC paint is regularly used at a cost savings of 34%.

Investment in New Cleaning Tools and Technologies

WVU has purchased new cleaning equipment such as riding vacuum equipment, pressure washer/vacuums to clean restrooms, and high efficiency scrubbers and floor strippers. For more information about these products and their use at WVU, click here. These investments have significantly reduced the labor hours necessary to perform these custodial activities.


WVU’s recycling program resulted in a 50% increase in fiscal year 2011. 1,473 tons of recycling material was collected on campus resulting in a significant reduction in disposal fees.