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Revenue Generating Projects

Barnes and Noble Contract Renewal

WVU renewed its contract with Barnes and Noble to provide bookstore services at all WVU campuses. This contract provides $1.6 million annually to WVU. Barnes and Noble has invested over $5 million in WVU facilities to enhance the student experience and accommodate student and faculty needs.

Increase in Grant Overhead Recoveries

Due to successfully renegotiating the facilities and administration rates paid by the federal government, WVU will realize additional grants revenues of approximately $140,000 per year for the next 3 years.

Coca - Cola

WVU’s exclusive contract with Coca-Cola provides significant revenue that supports athletic sponsorship, scholarships and vending revenues while providing reliable cost containment for soft drink and water products offered in campus dining halls and sold in campus retail venues. In addition to the $1 million Coca-cola provides annually, they also provide approximately $750,000 worth of equipment to university food service locations.